How has your life changed in Honduras

Hello everyone,

Has your life changed since you moved to Honduras? If so, in what way?

Tell us more about all the changes in your life regarding your family, job, or friends. What about your frame of mind? How would you define your mood?

Leisure activities improve our health and social interactions. How much time do you dedicate to leisure activities and networking nowadays?

Would you say that your standard of living has improved in Honduras? What income differences have you noticed?

On a scale of 0 to 10, tell us how much your expatriation to Honduras has transformed your life (0 = no change, 10 = dramatic change).

We look forward to hearing from you!


Honduras has changed my life in many ways. I gained an interest in football being in Honduras. Dressing properly became more important to me. Always saying, "Good morning." Being much more aware of my surroundings and seeking out the agenda of others, has been another change. More appreciation of eating well, as others do not.  A greater appreciation of pelicans, (I watch them with binoculars whenever I can). Trying to tolerate insanity, yet I still am not that good of it! I would say an 8, or a great deal of change.

There is definitely a larger middle class and if wealth is determined by US products yes. More children are in better schools and tourism although is not what it should be has made great gains. More individuals have nicer cars.

Good Day!

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