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Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can give me a few tips about life in Czech.

I have a job offer (ca 1,020,000 CZK per year (38K EUR), the second year they will likely add a bonus which makes in total ca 1,100,000 CZK per year (41K EUR) and base salary will be raised based on my performance.

The location is about 90km from Praha.

I am currently living in Zurich working for an international company. my current salary is ca 78,000CHF. (so roughly 70K EUR)
If you know about Switzerland, this salary is just average, it is not bad but not good either.

There is a risk that I might not like this new role however I am not really satisfied with my current job (almost the word "hate" fits in..), I also do not see my future in this organization.
Of course the best solution is to find an another job in Switzerland however it has been really difficult due to, I assume,  my language (German), my age (I am 41yrs old) and my qualification.

Well…knowing that living in Switzerland is one of privileges for many people, it might be the time for me to move on.

1: Is my salary considered to be good in Czech in general? Is it enough for a family of three to live comfortably ?
2: I was told that I need to buy insurance separately for my wife and my son (6month) *me covered by the company, can anyone tell me how much would that be (roughly) 
3: cost of living?
4: Finally do you think I'd better stay in Switzerland? It is a silly question but it is always good to see another thoughts!
5: Do you think Czech is a good country to live in??

Please let me know.

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