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Hello do somebody know a callcenter from EU..or mayby something else.. or work as babysitting/ nanny/ housekeeper. Im a dutch girl what speak dutch and englisch

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You should publish an advert in the dedicated section of the website : Jobs in Tunis.

Also, have a look at this thread/post, you might get some hints : … =2#3502999

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well there is as a lot of english call center specially in tunis area (i work in a english call center)

hi rami can you please tell me more ( the name the adress  the salary the hours ect)  about the call center you are working in ? thank you

its located in ariena ,8 hours a day but the salary is bad (about 700 to 800 dtt)

hey rami
could you please tell me where are the english call centers ? salary and honestly more details ? i would appreciate it so much , thank you

thank you for the response ! it is ok for me because i m looking for a summer job , how can i apply for the job  please ?

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