Process for moving to Phnom Penh

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I am thinking about moving to Phnom Penh. Can anyone who has moved there, tell me what can of VISA I need and such?

I've also looked at jobs online with zero luck. Any advice??

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Hi! I am Anthony. I too am planning to move to Cambodia. My plans are to take the 8 week TEFL certification course and start teaching English as a 2nd language. That is what a lot, probably most, expats are doing. English teachers are in very high demand. So much so, that the requirements to become employed as an English teacher, for native English speakers, is often nothing more than...well, just that...being a native speaker. Which is very unfortunate for those students who are unlucky enough to be subjected to their sub-par teaching "skills". But, if you are an average or above student, this might be just the thing for you. Good luck! Be blessed!

I have been there every summer for past 5/6 years. I think you need a business visa but you can also easily get a tourist visa and do an "e-visa" online

Jobs are easy to get -- esp if your a native English speaker
you should check for teaching positions

any other questions, you can email me

Honestly, emailing doesn't work as much as just showing up and being there. I know that doesn't sound so promising-- to travel so far but they don't use email as much.
There are a few other things you should know as well but can tell you at another time

What part of the states you from?

Hi Davie,

You stated on a previous post that you are Cambodian.  Is this a biological fact and not just a state of mind,? , you would do well to call the nearest Khmer consulate or embassy
to see if you qualify for a Khmer passport.  Cambodia does recognise dual citizenship.  If that is not possible you won't need a visa in advance.  If you plan on staying longer than two months apply for an E visa at Pochentang    Airport on arrival.

Hi P,

I am Cambodian by biological facts :)

Thank you so much for the advice. Are you living there now?

"Are you living there now?"

Depends on what you mean by "there."   If you mean PP, then no.  I have been living in Cambodia for about 20 Years.  The last 15 have been with my Cambodian wife and 2 teenage children in a small village outside of Kampong Cham.

Hi mam. Ive just moved here recently myself from canada ( montreal ) , currently on a 1 year visa and will extend to 5 then 10. If you ever need a safe place to stay long term, i own a western style guest house ( studio rooms fully furnished ). Depending on what kind of field your looking at ( job wise ) i might be able to help with my family contacts, one of my current tenant is also an English teacher. She is the vice-principal of Stamford english school, and also comes from abroad, I can ask her for some advices if you'd like.

What kind of job are you looking for?

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