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Hello everyone

My name is Dattraj Amarsinha Dalvi.I am from India.Right now I am in napoli italy for pursuing my MBA in Hopitality. I will complete my study on 31st of march and now surching for contract jobs.that will help me legal stay in italy. I have permesso di soggiorno till 20 April.befor that I Need job.i have 2.8 years of experience in kitchen as assistant chef in tandoori department,India. I can understand and can speak basic Italian and fluent English. I am ready to work on less salary but work must be legal.
Everyone could help me for overcome with this problem . your help will aprisiat.
Thank you
Dattraj Amarsinha Dalvi
Waiting for reply.

Hi Dattraj Amarsinha Dalvi,

could you please drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website ?

- Jobs in Italy

You will be able to create your cv and feel free to read the articles under the Work in Italy section of the Expat Guide. In each article you will find several links to jobs specialised websites.

all the best,

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