I and my my husband are both Nigerians we have 3 kids. 11yrs,9yrs and 5yrs . I want to know if they can get Malaysian citizenship. Tq

I have not heard of anyone getting Malaysian citizenship, even a PR is not easy.

First of All, Why you want Malaysian Citizenship?

To get Malaysian Citizenship:

1. Malaysia My 2nd Home  ( its not actually citizenship) its  a way for you to stay in Malaysia as local.
2. You can get Citizenship, if you marry local and stay here 5 years and fluent in BM.
3. You can stay here longer If you start business with local partnership.

Only you can get Citizenship if  you marry local. There is no other option.


I think you're mistaking citizenship with Perm. Residence. Those are the conditions for the PR (red IC), I've never known ANYONE, married to a Malaysian or not (I've been married to a Malaysian for 11 years) to receive the Blue IC.

Hi Iskandarhack,

I might be wrong. i just shared with those which i heard.


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