Best VoIP/WiFi calling services for the US?

Looking for a cheap way to call the US using VOIP or WiFi. Do such options exist? I've tried Vonage, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, Line, etc. They all work intermittently or with a VPN and that results in poor call quality.

I need a surefire way to do this with the best quality audio as I use it for work and for conference calls.
Today, I got cut off in mid sentence talking to a client and apparently I sounded like I was talking into a fish bowl.

Could people share whats worked for them? Which VPN, which internet service providers, apps, times of day, or any other combinations


WhatsApp has been unblocked as of last week. You can make calls without a VPN. Try!

For VPN, i use betternet. Works like a charm.

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