Permeate Residency VISA based on family

I will be relocating to Mexico to reunite my family later this year. I have a daughter and 2 granddaughters who are Mexican citizens.
The consulate here seems to ignore this as a possible qualification for issue of the visa or card and keeps stressing the income and solvency requirements. I have the income but according to the consulate, need to have the proceeds from the sale of my home and business in the bank for a year to qualify for permeate residency. From what I have read, one should not be required to prove solvency if immigrating to join your family. Please provide me with any information that will clarify this matter.
Thank you!

If it were me, I would talk to someone higher up in the government. Have you checked with Mexico city all of the decisions seem to go through there.

Hi, I am not an expert but here is the link on the subject … t-resident

If I understand proprely your daughter must be present at the consulat when you apply and you must also prove a monthly income of 8004$ pesos. 

Also, here is link with additional info for family très … o/#Special Rights of Foreigners who are Family Members of Mexican Citizens

Next link In spanish quoting requirements from INM … miliar.pdf

Hope this helps y buena suerte para reunarte con su familia. GyC.

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