Experienced Teacher Seeking Position in Lyon


I have ten years of elementary teaching and 2 years of teaching graduate and doctoral students. My PhD is in theology and ethics. I will be taking the TEFL next month to also provide the option of teaching English as I am a native English speaker. I am willing to teach in a language school, university, business school, etc.

I have made initial inquiries to schools in France and have not had much response. I would love to know what I can do to facilitate a contract or solid job offers prior to arriving in Lyon. This would enable me to secure housing and begin life there.

Even though I am willing to teach English, I am also interested in working with NGOs and even the local churches on specific social justice issues I feel important to explore in France.

Any thoughts on how to get started are appreciated!

Au revoir!


Hi Nash,

could you please drop an advert in the Jobs in Lyon section of the website ?

It could get you an opportunity.

All the best,

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