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Hi, I'm living in permas jaya and I'm looking for the best place for me to purchase bulk nuts and medjool dates or dried dates ( not red dates) aeon and other supermarkets seems to only sell small bags of nuts. I'm looking for raw cashews, raw almonds etc thank you. Oh and coconut oil :)

its in chow kit road.

ill give you the shop details later.. forgot haha

go to LULU mall (near Jakel Mall, masjed jamek) all the dry fruits are of very good quality and imported directly from middle east. Very good. if you go to chow kit, you might get cheap , but very very bad quality.

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Hi Danicap...
i will try to get a contact in Johor Bahru.. if im not mistake.. this place is near to Permas Jaya..
By the way.. do you need their supply every month?

Not sure about nuts but coconut oil you can buy online (either lelong or lazada). I bought organic coconut oil, 1 liter, i think it was rm78. There are many sellers of it but the prices vary much. The one I bought was the best deal I could find. It was well packed and sealed, in dark brown glass.

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