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I'm Indonesian. I live in Kyoto, Japan with working visa. This year I decided to find a job in London for my future career. I applied hundreds of jobs virtually and attended many skype interviews. All the companies that I interviewed with told me they couldn't sponsor me visa. Then I read on so many places, as an Indonesian, I need to find the company who sponsor me visa in order to get a work permit. I also read somewhere the companies that allowed to sponsor visa are companies with licensed (its so expensive to get this license). Is that the reason why these big companies refuse to sponsor a work permit? How to persuade the British company to sponsor me visa? Currently I'm looking for a job as Recruitment Consultant, do you think I stand a chance?

I'm also open for any advice and successful stories from non-EU member how you settle down in UK. Thank you in advance!

The unemployment situation in the UK is a big issue at the moment so your chances are not good,
Brexit might make things easier in a couple of years when the flow from Europe slows down.

Hello Lord, welcome to Expat family. :)

I appreciate your interest and desire to work and live in England since UK despite its problems like economic downfall and unemployment , has still got a lot to offer to a young person.

Unfortunately, as Fred has rightfully pointed out, the right to work and live in the UK has a preference path, starting with local nationals, then members of European Union, then spouses and family members coming in through legitimate marriages, then asylum seekers and so on.

I am afraid the job of a recruitment consultant does not appear as if a prospective employer would get into the hassle to make up a case with the home office that such skills and expertise are not available locally hence justifying a work permit to an Indonesian.

There is nothing to stop you to come to England on visit or business visa to look around and enjoy, ( although I strongly  suggest  while you come on a visit visa you, should not seek employment since it will be illegal),  you can also come on a student visa and avail best accredited academic and professional qualifications.

You do not have to be a British national to own a property or business in England, the options are unlimited. :one

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