Teaching English in Bali

New member saying hello. Searching high and low for English teaching jobs around Bali. Currently located in Denpasar but can travel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you're already teaching you must be qualified appropriately.
However, you'll have to get a new work permit and a new sponsor for your KITAS (Assuming you aren't on a wife sponsored KITAP).

As for where - walk around all the local international schools and/or language mills with a large pile of business cards.

If you aren't teaching at this point, you must hold a degree (English), a teaching certificate, and have five years teaching experience.

Thank you for your advice Fred. Have you had experience teaching in Bali?

No, so I can't give advice on the specifics regarding Bali.
I can advise as to the general state of play regarding immigration and so on.

Are you a qualified teacher?
Do you have an English degree?
Do you have CELTA (or whatever)?
Do you have 5 years experience?

I assume you're disease and drug use free.

Bali is well over subscribed for teachers so it's buyer's market.
Most won't take under qualified people and the salary is low and often doesn't include good accommodation or any accommodation.
However if you are qualified then it's hiring time in Indonesia for schools so you might be lucky.
Finally if you want casual work it won't happen nor will short term due to the visa and legal concerns. So be careful

Luke's points are very good ones.
The note about work permits and visas being a big one to watch. I've been offered illegal work more times than I can remember but always refused because I didn't fancy the fines, possible prison time and being deported.

No to three of those, I understand the disadvantages of not having some as they are visa requirements. Thanks again for the info.

Thank you for the info. Visa's are always a tricky subject in Indonesia. I'll keep on getting my name out there and building contacts.

Innes40 :

No to three of those, I understand the disadvantages of not having some as they are visa requirements. Thanks again for the info.

The disadvantage is simple - You can't work legally as an English teacher in Bali.
Working illegally there would be a very bad idea as the local immigration are known for being very keen on that.
I very strongly recommend you give up on the idea.

Once again, sorry to rain on your parade but immigration laws are pretty strictly enforced there.

There is one possible way you can do part time work legally, but you must be a KITAP holder for that to work.
Don't suppose you've been married to an Indonesian for over two years, have you?

Well your experiences have been different to mine. I've recently moved from Jakarta where I possessed a kitas. You can get them without the things you listed there, maybe it's more difficult in Bali but I won't give up just yet. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers.

Hi Innes,

could you roughly describe how you got your Kitas?
That would be awesome if you could share a bit of your experience

All the best of luck man,

There is a elementary school here near our house that has just recently opened.
I am quite sure that they are not yet fully staffed, since I hear a lot of noise from classes
that are obviously without teacher.
My wife has been teacher on Bali for a long time as well,
Maybe you can try the SD Saraswati 4 at Tukad Citarum since you are staying in Denpasar anyways.

If I stumble upon somebody looking for an english teacher I will let you know.

Drop by if you are in the area, I am staying directly behind the school building  ;)
so we can ngobrol and exchange some experiences.

Always looking for good conversation.

For anybody reading this thread and getting disheartened for not holding the 'necessary' credentials to qualify for a kitas, don't give up. There are ways, my kitas is being processed as we speak.

Hey Faris, I was working for a company called English First in Jakarta and they managed to get me a 6 month kitas.

The requirements are supposed to be set in stone.
Perhaps you could detail how you got around them.

I got a job with a reputable company and they have got me a kitas, there is really not much else to say. Maybe its luck, maybe it depends who you speak to, it's a good thing because the requirements are set too high anyway. I don't know the in's and out's of the process.

This is all very strange, more so when the BA or higher is a government regulation (Unless they've changed the law since I last checked).
I assume the new company have applied for and been granted a work permit (IMTA) for you as that is the main thing immigration will look at when granting your visa. … indonesia/


A Bachelor’s degree
A TEFL Certification (EF TEFL sponsorship available)
Must be able to obtain a clear background check
The ability to live abroad for at least one year
In addition, candidates must be citizens from one of the following nations in order to be issued a visa from the Indonesian government: USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Thanks for the info!

Seems there is still a big discrepancy between the law and how things work in practice..
Wouldn't be surprising at all from my experience.  :unsure

Fred thanks for linking to the website! I was looking for something like that.
I think the rules seem clearly set but it is proven that it is still worth a try,
as long as the outcome is a legal document that allows one to work and stay here.
Anything shady should be 100% avoided but this sounds legit..

Maybe this 'reputable' company has its ways around the obstacles set by the law,
which is... strange and can be frustrating in other areas,
but for people wanting to teach English like Innes its seems to be the only way to do it

btw I have been married for over 2 years, so am I automatically entitled to a KITAP?
Or are there requirements other than a KITAS that have to be met?

Thanks for all your info guys, I'm really getting somewhere on this forum  :top:

btw I have been married for over 2 years, so am I automatically entitled to a KITAP?

That makes a big difference, or will if you get it. I strongly recommend you apply with immigration as soon as possible.
I'm out of date on this one but I understand after 2 years of wife sponsored KITAS, you can get the KITAP.
As this is years ago for me, I can't be sure of the position today.

A KITAP allows legal part time informal work but a lot work on KITAP without a work permit citing the new law of a few years ago that very clearly states KITAP holders may work in order to make a living.
This is disputed by the manpower department but I have yet to hear of a case where anyone was arrested.
I'm guessing they don't want to test it in court but be aware, they might one day and you could just be the unlucky bugger they single out.

Seems the rules for teachers have changed again but they will change no doubt again as there is no mention of the health check or the work experience.

If a kitas can be obtained then well done.

well , this informations may come in handy in the near future !
Thank you !

lukereg :

Seems the rules for teachers have changed again but they will change no doubt again as there is no mention of the health check or the work experience.

If a kitas can be obtained then well done.

I wonder if the need for English speakers has finally been realised so the rules have gone out of the window in an attempt to get a business capable population.
Malaysia dropped the ball some years ago, as did Hong Kong, and I would hate to see this lovely country do the same.

I believe the need for Western teachers is more than ever as more schools take on international level exams but the qualification requirements and process to obtain visas is still as hard as it has been for the past 2 years. More teachers are coming meeting the governments requirements which is good but there is still a huge gap in the amount there is now to when I started.

However, this process if done correctly now takes less than 4 months which is a sign things are changing.

lukereg :

However, this process if done correctly now takes less than 4 months which is a sign things are changing.

That's interesting for one poster on this thread who seems to on his way to a KITAS in less than two weeks from not having a job.
It sounds like  double checking the IMTA and immigration status on the KITAS would be a good idea in order to be safe.

Thanks a lot! Your opinion is very much appreciated!!

The last thing I read was that you can apply for a family KITAS and directly convert it to
a KITAP, but I am still searching for more info.
The former head of immigration didn't know about it and I am sure that they
will do everything in their power to delay any attempt of this kind of shortcut.
So yeah, I guess I will keep digging.
But thanks for sharing your view.
I will definitely write on this forum once I found reliable information (facts)


Yes! Check your docs! Very good idea
But if you have everything then it seems unlikely to be checked again,
they have after all a lot of other things to do..

Just do it to be on the safe - safe side  :lol:

The KITAS process has been ongoing for over a month now. With the medical check up done. The next step will be to visit Singapore but this may take another month before the paperwork has been put through. It's not a quick process that's for sure.

Cool that you are sharing this,
first hand information is always greatly appreciated.
It just seems to be a pity that it won't be the same for everybody,
but hopefully Jokowi will try and end the paperwork nightmare and
synchronize the government institutions everywhere in Indonesia.
He seems to have something like this in mind, but will it happen? Don't
dare to hope just yet..
A lot of other things were announced and never made it through

Hey Innes,
are you staying near Renon?
If you are in the area you could drop by,
we have a small place to chill and eat/drink,
we have karaoke and my wife was a teacher here for 12 years or so.
She still knows a lot of kepala sekolah and can surely share a few good stories
about how the schools here work internally. Maybe interesting for you,
maybe not,
just wanted to try cause you seem like a nice guy.

Hopefully see you around  :top:

The paperwork is often a pain, especially it it doesn't just vary from office to office, but from officer to officer.
I can't count the number of times I've been told I must get yet another document only to be told by the next guy I don't need it ... but I need another one.
It's getting better bit by bit.

Yes I certainly hope so!
I would like to go in and out of the Kanim with more confidence,
since I am not doing anything wrong..
But with how things are going until now, you can never be sure
that you get what you should...

I feel you man

I have the same difficulty with another topic.
The right to work to provide for my family etc...
I haven't searched this forum for related threads yet but will do..
Everybody in the Kanim is telling me different things... frustrating as hell..

Thanks for sharing as always Fred,

All the best

Save you the bother


Article 61
Holder of a limited Stay Permanent as contemplated in
Article 52 letter e and letter f from a holder of
Permanent Stay Permit as referred to in Article 54
paragraph (1) letter b and letter d, can engage the
work and/or the business to satisfy his/her living need
and/or his/her family.

(Forgive the terrible translation)

It says KITAP holders have the right to work but the manpower department appear to disagree, saying KITAP holders still need a work permit.
Safety says get a permit, but I'm unaware of any spouse sponsored
KITAP holders being arrested since the law was introduced.

I was at one of the socialisation meetings, a rather nice affair with lovely snacks.

From a personal point of view, as a person married to an Indonesian, I feel you have every right to work in order to support your family, but that's my opinion and it doesn't count for much outside this forum.

Hahaha thank you soooo much!
You are so unbelievably proactive, you must have a good airconditioner!
I always get slow and sleepy when it is siang bolong   :rolleyes:  or just too hot

You mean you were at one of the meetings like this presentation in the facebook video about
the new rules regarding the spouses of WNI being able to work to support their families??

.. anyways
My road to the KITAP is still long since my indonesian wife and me just moved back
to Indonesia in May 2016. I am waiting for the E-KTP shit to resolve..
Then KITAS THEN KITAP...  :sosad:

I might try to get a work permit but I will wait and see how the situation evolves, especially after pilpres and so on..

The eKTP stuff won't bother you at all as it's really only an issue for Indonesians.
KITAS holders need an SKTT, whilst KITAP holders should have a KTP OA (WNA).
I don't know if the latter has gone electronic or not at this point.

The UU6/2011 meetings were public events set up by immigration to inform those concerned about the new law, and things were said that weren't clarified by other means.
The upshot was, they pretty much said they'd weren't looking for KITAP holders who worked, but also made it clear manpower might well.
That was some years ago so things could well have changed, and remember Bali is a bit of a special case because of its unique problems.

I was one of the first to get a KITAP, applying as soon as it was available.

Yeah, Bali seldom enforces laws that are made in Jakarta,
at least that's my impression so far..
I was told I have to wait for the E-KTP of my wife,
otherwise the KITAS that I am aiming for will be ditolak in Jakarta..
What a downer..

Do you know if one can work wiraswasta on a family KITAS?
I am totally stuck with my Visa stuff, and need to generate some income here..
I am totally against doing anything without a legal basis, but the situation is
far from clear, especially here in Bali.

There are even discrepancies between Kanim Denpasar and Kanim Kuta
Do you know anyone who has a contact within the Kantor Immigrasi Denpasar (Renon) who is a little bit further up the ladder and willing to help?

Thanks a LOT for your information!
I am really happy to have the opportunity to get some valuable input here.

Big big thanks!

Bali had special problems because it's so popular and that means a lot of illegal workers. It's often said how Bali's immigration is far more active than in other areas of Indonesia.

Yeah, that's true,
you can see it even just by searching the forums on the internet..
A lot of people wanting to work on holiday Visa..
Can't imagine how much of that is really going on but it has to be quite substantial.
I guess my frustration about kanim difficulties sometimes leads me to forgetting the big picture. I hope that more people respect the law so the Balinese jobseekers are better off..
Everything grey, can't see the situation black&white..

The situation is getting much better as time goes on, but Bali's magnetism is always going to attract a lot of illegal workers, some fully understanding the laws, others not.
Either way, that means Bali is keeping a close eye on foreign workers so you have to be especially careful to make sure all your documentation is legal.
The good news is immigration officers can spot a scam job at 100 paces, meaning those legally entitled to work tend to get it easy once they're up and running.
Again, the spouse sponsored KITAP is a big deal, and one that opens doors for most holders.
The big trick is being totally honest and open with the authorities, making sure they know what you intend to do before you do it.
KITAP holders will get away with part time work, but tell immigration first, even if the law doesn't say you have to.
A good relationship with immigration is essential to someone in your position.

Thanks Fred,
as always your info & opinion is worth gold.
But is there no chance of working wiraswasta with a family KITAS?
Yes I will definitely be honest and upfront with the Immigration
as it is my nature anyway.
I just hope I don't need to wait too long to be able to support my family here.
I am not imagining to move to any other country to work/live,
so I just need to find a good way..
I will continue my search for reliable information and try to find somebody inside the kanim to get some first hand info as well. *I found somebody on the internet who
actually managed to talk to one of the heads of immigration, I think it was Kuta..
That would be totally awesome.
He wrote in a forum that he now can work to support his family,
although he doesn't have a KITAP yet.
So there is hope I guess hahaha I think where there is a will..

Thanks again my friend,
you are a fresh breeze for my thoughts

Hi, I'm new to this forum and am planning to move to Bali, and will be keen to learn more about the requirements and pitfalls. From what I understand, the most suitable visa for me would be a social culture visa, which it seems can be renewed for a total of six months, is that correct?


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