Coming into Brazil - CIE vs US Passport w/ Visa

I've sort of asked this before but I don't know if there's a "correct" way to enter the country.

I have my US passport with my valid tourist visa and stamp "Registrado(a) como PERMAMANTE" and I have my CIE.

Are both documents required to enter the country? Or is technically JUST the CIE necessary to enter the country? ( I know I have to have my passport of course). Does it matter which line I get into when I enter depending which document I use? I like to keep the customs officials happy and low drama. Just not sure What the "correct" procedure is.

I'm traveling into GRU and on to Salvador on Thursday.


Since you have the CIE you can use either line.


Is either better. Ie why would I get in the long line Brazilians returning have to get in?

Since you have the CIE you should and will be asked to present it. They will know you have it when they scan your passport. Either line is ok for the CIE. Pick the shortest.


Makes no difference.....I was told leaving you have to have some goofy exit form to prove you have not been out for two yrs, but when I came back from Colombia the Brazil customs didn't care, just wanted to see the new entry card I had to fill out....

I travelled all the way from Sao Paulo to a small Island called Providencia in the middle of the Colombian Caribbean and never showed my passport once......felt like 007 or something lol
every step of the way as I got more remote I thought they were going to be "What the hell is this???!!?" (CIE) but they accepted it even in a tiny caribbean island port customs

you no longer need the entry /exit form if you have you CIE because you are permanent. It does make a difference what you use. If you have the CIE it will show on the computer and in your passport that you have it and that is what immigration will want to see when you enter and exit brazil.


I don't know....I think you're right,that's what I think too, but the immigration guys still seem pretty obsessed coming out in and out of SP airport.

I hear something different everytime I travel. It depends on the agent.


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