rent an appartment for 3nights

Hi everybody
My friends and I are going to Azerbaijan in 1week
we are interested to rent an appartment in baku for 3 nights , if sb has any idea about how we could do this, please inform me.

Hi Meghdad62able1,

Welcome on board  :)

could you please drop an advert in the Housing in Baku section of the website ?

It might get you some offers.

All the best,

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Welcome to Baku.
You may contact me by Email- xxxx
Best regaeds.

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I am interesting to rent an apartment in Baku for a month starting July 30th, please advise

Hi Aliameen,

there are several ads in the Housing in Baku section of the website, you might contact the posters and even drop your own "looking for" advert if they don't suit your needs.

All the best,


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