Study in USA

Hi there,

Soon my husband will be relocated to New York and I was planning on attending to some business course at a University or College.

Does any of you have some information in order for me to understand where should I start looking for those courses?

I want to do at least a one-year master/course program in New York City. The tuition is also something to consider, I don't want it to be super expensive, but I know that I will have to pay at least 3.000$.

Thank you!

Try Google!

Here is the first result I found for MBA programs in New York.

You should know that you will need to have the equivalence of a bachelor’s degree and get a good score on the GMAT exam to get accepted.

Maybe you can get some kind of sponsorship or funding from your home country because studying in the USA is expensive! The average MBA program in the USA takes 2 years (might be a bit shorter if your undergraduate degree is in business) and cost a good 40,000 to 50,000 dollars or more a year. … fanmba.asp

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