Would love to move to Spain

My wife and I are thinking about moving to Spain probably Murcia region, But now Brexit is underway I would love to know the feelings of any expats living in Spain

My wife and I moved here permanently on 1 September last year and we love it.     We are pensioners and have got our Residencia and healthcare sorted.       I say forget about Brexit and move to Spain.     Patrick O'Neill

The thing with Brexit, no one knows what will happen. It will take a minimum of 2 years for it to be sorted out. Some say it could well take up to 10 years.

Its a Great time to buy prices are so low ,, But who knows what will happen regarding brexit

Depends on your attitude to risk

Good luck whatever you decide 
Cheers Tony

Thanks for your reply

Well the sensible thing to do in my opinion would be to not 'forget Brexit' but assume the worst and plan from there.  As the saying goes, 'hope for the best, plan for the worst.'  It's always easy to adapt if things go better than expected but it may not even be possible to adapt if you plan for the best and things go worse than expected.

The main areas of concern for Brits currently living in other EU countries are pretty well known now.

1.  Health coverage.  It is likely that reciprocal health coverage will no longer apply and Brits living in an EU country will have to pay for the local state healthcare or private coverage.

2.  Pensions.  While Brits entitled to a British State Pension will still be entitled, they may find that their pension is frozen (no annual uplift) at the rate being paid at the time Brexit is finalized.  This is already the case with British Pensioners retired in countries like Canada and Australia. 

3.  The right to live and work.   While it is unlikely anyone already living in an EU country will be told they must leave and return to the UK, some might be.  For example, if you have a serious criminal conviction in the UK.

To work, you may have to go through the same process as any other Non-EU national in order to qualify for a visa and work permit. 

There are many people who seem to have their heads buried in the sand on these issues.  Their assumptions are that nothing will change.  That simply isn't very logical thinking at all.


Its all guessing, no one really knows.

As for healthcare, not all have free healthcare anyway. Y>ou have to pay into the system to get out.

The negotiations have not started and Article 50 will not be triggered till 29th March, so time will tell.

Thanks for your reply

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