Reviving "How to make friends in Croatia"...especially in Dubrovnik

I have a home in Old Town Dubrovnik, and speak Croatian, and have citizenship and have gone there every year of my life...but it is still difficult to imagine finding good friends and even some kind of community there. I am a very friendly and warm person but it is still difficult/not like the U.S., where we are all rather transient, at least in the big cities. People in many areas of Croatia stick with the people they grew up with and/or worked with. I have always dreamed of moving to my country. I adore everything about it, but this is proving difficult. (A few more particulars: I am in my early 50's, have been a psychologist all my life, but am considering maybe not anymore, have many other talents, including superb writing skills (including awards), am a fantastic cook, am a second degree martial artist, adore animals, and was actually raised doing hair in my mom's! Lonely there :(


Hi Maria,

Have you ever tried CouchSurfing? It is mainly for people who want to travel and stay with local people rather than take an impersonal hotel room. Some members just join to become hosts and get visitors from different countries. I have been a member for a few years now and have done more hosting than surfing but have met a lot of interesting people in the process and have made some long term friends.

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