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Hi all,
My boyfriend and I are from South Africa and we are seeking adventure! We want to travel and work as a couple. We are both 21 turning 22 in this year! Very reliable and honest, we are easy going and would love to find a house sitting job in Indonesia, close to the ocean as he is a avid surfer and we are both beach bums.

Please let me know how we go about doing so and who to contact!

Thank you!
Dominique and Tuscan

Impossible to do legally.
ANY work requires a work permit and visa, and there's no way you'd get a work permit to do that job.

You need to have work permit to work here , to risky without it

ochie :

You need to have work permit to work here , to risky without it

Absolutely true.
The punishments for working illegally can be quite severe so I strongly recommend anyone avoid doing so.
Bali is very popular and a lot of people work illegally so the local immigration tend to crack down hard on offenders.

So if we get work permits will we be able to do some house sitting whilst finding other jobs🌻 Thanks

Whilst that is true, you won't be able to get a work permit as they are only issued when there are no Indonesians available to do the work you're looking for.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but your dream has no legal way of becoming reality.

better to spend your time and energy on other possible locations with easier legal situation,
really no fun to get caught (not speaking from experience, but friends had to go through that)
Wife Indonesian and working in a food place, and the husband was only seen in the kitchen not even doing anything. Its a while back and it was 'only' 70.000.000 fine and soon after they split up and he was never seen again... :(

I guess its not worth the risk
Better find another place, luckily there are still many other beaches in the world  :D
so sorry, I'm just trying to give you an idea of what you might want to avoid  :huh:

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