asking some questions regarding marriage in germany

Hallo guten morgen...i have questions regarding the processing of documents coz we are already completed our documents to get married and we undergone with the right procedure my questions is how long it will take for me to wait? Am here in germany as schulerin as pflegekraft and me and my boyfriend decided to get married here un Germany...

Do you mean processing of the dociuments at the Auslaenderbehoerde (foreigners' authority), embassy, Standesamt (marriage registry), or elsewhere? And which documents?
I think the best is you ask the authority itself how long they need.

Well I asked them already but time of span they gave was not yet done that's why u have any idea or where can we asks in standesamt or in my homeland  meaning in embassy

Of course you can ask the Standesamt about how long they need to process whatever you want them to process, and the embassy about how long it takes to do what they are doing for you.
Whom did you ask so far and what "processing" do you mean?

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