homelessness in china

I am phd student in guangzhou and foreigner here
i miss home. if you know china, it is not easy to make friends and relax. please tell me your suggestions.

You have to get out there and talk to people, that being easier if you learn the local language.
Start with "Thank you", then move on to asking prices and the numbers.

how can i find free events here? or social activities

"HOME is where you are" irrespective of where your roots are. Remember that and you will never be homesick!

excuse me my english is not well. i meant i miss home and now homesick in china

When I first came to China I was very homesick all the time! There are a few things that really helped me:

Sometimes you need to give in to your homesickness and embrace it and do things that comfort you:
- Watching your favourite old tv shows from back home.
- Having plenty of phone calls with family and friends from back home
- Cook your favourite meals from back home, or treat yourself to a meal out that serves your home's cuisine,

But other times keeping yourself busy in your new destination is the best way:
- Start exercising!
- Read plenty of books
- Explore the tourist spots of your new place.
- Explore the cuisine of your new place.
- Dont be shy, introduce yourself to people. Expatriates are always very understanding of one another and are normally very friendly.

can you tell me more information about this?
Dont be shy, introduce yourself to people. Expatriates are always very understanding of one another and are normally very friendly.


Hi there,
If you like books, a public library would be a good trying. There are bunch of books or magazines in different languages apart from Chinese. How about this:  Grap one book, read it in a couch. It's easy to get a chance for a brief conversation with someone next to you.
Or make friends with your schoolmates, normally Chinese are friendly, don't you think?

yes they are friendly but they are also shy and can not speak english and well nigh not open too so it is not possible to get close.
I prefer  making human relation and friend rather than book

hi, what is your PhD project about? I completed my PhD in Australia recently.

It is about deep learning and big data

I wonder how you come to china, without taking to strangers.
cheer up, open wechat, find people nearby, chat with them,

PS: I will be marrying my people nearby in a near future
Good luck

Hi , I am a doctor currently working in guangzhou , you can we chat me ***.
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