Downtown Complex - Al Khobar

Hi guys,

I have accepted a position based in Al Khobar and will be residing in the Downtown Complex.
Can anyone tell me any information about regarding quality of accommodation, facilities, safety etc.?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there  - dont know about the compound - but area is good - I live right outside in the apartments - Guess you probably have already moved in ! Hope you like it..

Yes, You can search in RAKA

Hi what is it like as I might be moving in?

Hi guys, I've been offered a job in a new private hospital in Al Khobar. please could you give me some tips on where to live? Accommodation comes with the contract but I don't want to stay on site, so they may cover an apartment of compound outside.
Thanks and best wishes

I guess I am looking for like-minded people to connect with, as I've heard it can be pretty lonely and boring socially if you work there without taking your family.

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