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Hello guys. Anyone can advise me. I already found new job here in oman but I can not transfer since I have no NOC. My company doesnt give NOC. What should I do to convince them to give me NOC. By the way I am Filipino. Anyone can give me great advise what shoul I do. Thanks


And, that's the whole problem with this NOC rule ...

The employer has total privileges whether or not to issue an employee with the NOC.

The employee has absolutely zero say in this matter.

So if an employer does not wish to grant an employee with an NOC, the frankly nothing much can be done by the employee to make the employer change his mind about the matter.

Ooouch... I wantbto transfer in another companybhere in Oman since my company dont give my meal allowance.

Anyone knows hiring outside in oman? I am purchaser here. And with managerial experienced in Philippines.

I'm also facing same problem.

Already i received offer letter from other company, but my current company says we will give only release, then i asked NOC they are saying now days NOC is not sure many fake NOC's there, and i'm not sure this NOC Procedure will take too long first cancellation your visa after that company visa apply.

i really don't know what is the problem to give a NOC. because already i resigned my current job.


For I know release paper and NOC is the same


May I get your mobile no? My no is xxx ( Call, whatsapp & IMO ). I am also facing the same problem.

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