Looking for friends

Hi :)
I have moved to Sweden (Malmö) with my husband at the beginning of the year. I am 27, beginner in swedish (waiting to start my intensive SfI course), fun of healty life, doing yoga and be everytime in motion. Spring is coming, so i prefer open space activities as running, walking in a park, discovering new places, etc.
If you have similar preferences of spending time, please contact me!

Best wishes,

Hi  :)  I have 2 months in Malmo and I am learning English, I would love to meet people to make a social life and practice my English.   :)

I just moved last month on job here in Helsingborg and it will be nice knowing you and sharing some knowledge and information about this lovely country.

Keep smiling and have a good night.
Hope to hear from you soon
Take care
see you

Hi Sajid
Welcome to Sweden hope all goes well for you, we can certainly meet up, maybe as a group for coffee and just have a nice conversation.
Good night.

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