Moving to Shezhen in april. Looking for advise, friends..


I´m from Argentina, electronic engineer. I will move in April to Shenzhen because I have to develop a prototype.

I speak English, Spanish and now I´m trying to learn Chinese! :)

I love to meet people, learn about other cultures, I´m a very good cook.

I´m looking for coworking spaces, tech meeting, and a advisor to get access to manufacturers, electronic components vendors, product integrators.

I hope someone can help me.

Also if someone want to meet up and have a drink, please let me know!

Thanks a lot!!!

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Hi welcome! you are going to find Shenzhen pretty interesting! I'm new here myself. You will find that things move pretty fast here.

I am a native. And i can speak some English.The first thing is to buy a VPN service...
You cannot view facebook,twitter,youtube... directly...

I am a devloper... for website development...

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