Need advice: how to get ED visa for 3month

Hi everyone,
I came to bangkok last week to live for 6 months untill I start to work again. (yes! I need to go back home country)
I have 3 month tourist visa, so I wanted to apply for 3months ED visa.
However, I could not find institution to provide 3 months ED visa course.
I do not mind studying any languages. Can you recommand any institution?
If I can not find any institution, I am thinking to do volunteering. Would it be work to get 3months ED visa?

Thanks and regards,

I had a 3 month ED visa from doing a Dive Master course, cost me around 30000 baht.

Hi there,

correct I don't know any place that would offer a 3 month ED visa as they all are for 1 year.

to do some volunteer work in Thailand or anywhere else in this world, have a look here,

good luck


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