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Hi🤗Anyone here working in saudi council in riyadh?can someone help me to get my data flow in saudi council because now im in philippines,i keep waiting for my employer in riyadh until now did not send my data flow in my email...any advice please feel free to message me😊Thanks

What exactly do you mean by data flow?

Minimum 2 months it can take

TheLegendLeads :

What exactly do you mean by data flow?

with that kind of DP and not knowing what is data flow, i'm sure PM is gonna be flooding by now :D

Data flow was required by saudi council for nurses working in saudi arabia .Data flow is for personal and employment details and contains information.

Did you applied for it?? If yes then just got to their website and ask for a copy...
They will reply within 24hours...
And you have ur control no. From them right??

They ask about my passport copy but i dont receive any control number from them Mam...the refference number on my saudi professional id this is not the control number for DF Mam?thank's

Lol no, and u have to pay too. Plus u need to pass ur prc id copy so they can check which year u passed..
Depends on what u want to check..
The no. In ur saudi council card is ur registration no. In saudi, same like prc

Mam i get already my DF they send it on my email add ...

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Hello! How did you get your data flow records? I don't have my barcode and reference no. Do you know how can I retrieve it? Thank you. I'm also working here at saudi arabia.😊

I've passed the saudi licensing last 2010.And now I am working in Qatar. I have no copy of my dataflow barcode. How can I retrieve it?
because the commission here in Qatar needs it to verify my license in saudi.

Hi maam. What are the steps to do to retrieve your dataflow?

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