Kolbi Sim Cards ?

Has anyone purchased a Kolbi sim card and it was too small to fit into your cell phone?
My Kolbi sim card is a "nano" size and my phone is a "micro" size.
ICE had a cardboard adapter but the adapter was too small for the nano sim card.
The ICE rep just pushed the nano card into the center of the micro slot, there was room for the card to move sideways. 
Has anyone else experienced this?  Was there a resolve for this?


Sim cards come to them in a credit card sized card with multiple perforations so that any size from full size to micro to nano can be used with the phone.   If it came as nano sized as you say, it sounds like it was a used card.   I would go to another Kolbi store (or use Movistar) and ask for the proper size.   It probably won't work correctly if it's the wrong size.

thank you, I will check to see if they have different sizes. It does work, I have trimmed a plastic adapter and made it work, but it should not be this way.

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