Work as an architect for non-Moroccan candidates

Hi everyone!

I joined the community this morning and took some time to read the forums.
I actually live in Italy and I work as an architect/designer. I’m considering Morocco for a possible expat.

I've already visited the south and loved it. The country also tickles me as a design industry worker. I can speak Italian, French and English, but no Arabic at all.

Is there some architect between you, or do you know any non-Moroccan professional who is working / worked in an architectural firm in Morocco? It would be great for me to hear their stories, advices and practical considerations. I am oriented towards Marrakech. I am interested in any kind of position linked to construction / real estate field technical services, not necessarily design ones.

The existing "principe de la préférence nationale" makes it really impossible to apply for a job / internship in a local firm?

Any contribution is welcome  :) !

Hi Sotla B,

Funny you should ask. Although it is unlikely i could help you, i found your post ironic. I am planning to move to the coast next year. My interest is in Tourism. Among the possibilities we are considering is purchasing land, & building. Or purchasing a Rehab project. In either case, an architect would be needed. Perhaps you could consider doing some Freelance.  Just a thought.

Freelance is really tough even in my own country, where I master language, bureaucracy, law system and building codes. I think it's a little bit unreal to start a liberal profession from zero in such a different country, where my signature licence isn't even valid. Maybe with a local partner, but should find one...
In any case, if I succeed in my funny expat project please keep me (and my local partner/employer) in your mind for your renovation! If I don't, consider Italy where I am fully operational   :cool:

No doubt!

Hi ! I hope all is well inshallah. I saw your post looking for a partner architect, and I thougt I may help. I work for a Moroccan lady who is an architect and also looking for a partner to start a business. She speaks fluent arabic and french with a beginner english level though. If you are interested, feel free to contact me and I will send you her phone number.

  Thank you !

Hi Jalila,
I came across you post which caught my attention. I am an architect looking to set up an office in Morocco and searching for a local architect to collaborate up with.
Any help will be well appreciated.

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