I need your suggestions

Hello everybody,
I am Sultoni from Banyumas central java, i am going to visit kepulauan seribu jakarta. Anybody here woukd like to help me overseas and travel together. MIGHT be we could share the cost and the most important thing, i do not understand the directions to there.

Best regards..

It doesnt not worth to visit my dear friend, there is nothing special there. Good luck

When you arrive in Jakarta you need to get to Muara Angke and take a ferry to the thousand islands. Harapan is a good one to aim for as you can stay there all there are lots of other islands to explore.
It's not that expensive to get across to the islands and the further out you go the better the water and sea life.
You can search for the islands on Google as there lots of useful websites which will provide you with more information.

Why? Don't you ever been there?

Thank you Mr..

Good luck and enjoy. Post pictures and share your experiences with us.

Mr.Salem_sby. would you like to give me your WhatsApp number or let me to send ypu PM please.. I'll be happy if we could speak English

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