Hello everyone!

I'm looking for a bit of guidance because I think I'm misreading something.

The end goal is Croatian citizenship.

The (very brief) facts are:
- Born in UK
- Dad is an ethnic Croat born in Croatia to Croatian parents and left when Yugoslavia existed
- Currently living in France

I think (from my reading of the law) that I would qualify for citizenship. This was always something that I wanted to do (I feel like it is something that I should have and was taken away from me by circumstances and, also, I want to do it for my Dad because it would restore the link) but it has sort of been pushed to the forefront by Brexit and being a British citizen living in the EU.  So it feels like the planets have aligned and it's the ideal time to try!

So, I suppose the questions are:
- if I can get my Dad's papers (particularly a birth certificate showing he is an ethnic Croat) would I qualify (in theory)?
- if I could do that, would I need to be able to speak Croatian. I am more than happy to learn it (I love learning languages!) but, being realistic, I doubt I would be able to get to any decent level in a short space of time!

I am thinking of popping into the Croatian Embassy in Paris in a couple of weeks. Is there anything I should ask? Have any of you dealt with the Embassies overseas and, if so, how helpful were they?

That's it! :) Thanks for reading and commenting!


Oui, parler croate est obligatoire!!! There will be probably a test language.

This is the main bit that I was confused by. One reading of the law suggested that if you were applying for determination of citizenship (so citizenship by decent via Article 11), you were exempt from a number of the standard provisions. But I may be misreading it - which is why I'm asking! :)

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