I would like to read the HOA documents for San Antonio del Mar,Tijuana

Hi , my first post, see my profile for a bit more about me
Hello to you all. I have been reading this site for a while and just registered.
I have learned a lot from expats forum ! 
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I will post a few different questions.

A  'home base' concept is part of my RVing dream.
I have always loved this location since my teenage years,
in spite of periodic and recent bad news/press. 

I especially need to know if there are onsite RV parking/storage or use prohibitions
(on an appropriate sized lot) in San Antonio del Mar, ( Tijuana ) SADM
and surrounding Rosarito Beach area.

I will be visiting SADM in a few weeks to make a build or buy decision.
After my next visit to SADM , I will be able to shop and compare to other areas.

The San Antonio del Mar HOA newsletter warned about RE agents
not disclosing HOA requirements and building moratorium issues.
So I tried to ask the HOA for the details.
After several phone calls and emails,
I have not received a response from the HOA.

So I thought I would ask here.
If you have a copy of HOA documents for San Antonio del Mar, ( Tijuana )
could you please message me. All advice is appreciated too.

Of course I want to educate myself by reading the document
before dealing with a RE agent or builders.
I need to know about rules about guests, renters
and possible lot split. ie. If I can build two units and sell one.
I am looking for building requirements added by the HOA (beyond City code requirements)
minimum lot size,
minimum unit size,
view protection or blocking,
property line setbacks and parking entry points,
elevations (and how height limits are measured) and
vehicle parking issues (street or onsite and RV size limits).

I will be seeking out the same Tijuana City information on google too.
I appreciate any advice or 'links' on building codes in SADM as well.
Let me know if you can advise a referral or expert on anything related.

Last, What are your experiences with the HOA and
building in Tijuana/Rosarito in general?

Thanks everyone.

Here is a link that may be useful., though they don't appear to have much on the site.

The HOA at SADM, like many in the area, does not have a very good reputation. My wife and I looked at a number of properties there recently and chose to look elsewhere. The roads are rough cobbles and quite narrow. There is very little usable street parking. I would think it would be difficult to maneuver anything but a small RV through the complex and I've not seen anywhere short of obtaining an undeveloped lot where an RV could be parked. Those folks that I've talked to here in the Tijuana/Rosarito area that own RVs rent space at a storage facility.

Besides getting your hands on the HOA documents, I suggest you talk to several owners at SADM about the HOA and how well it operates. Many associations here have difficulty collecting fees from owners so a small percentage of owners subsidize the rest. As expected this can lead to poorly maintained common grounds.

That said, there are many good places to live in the area. I know folks that are full time residents at SADM and other complexes and most find that the benefits of living here outweigh the negatives. My wife and I have owned south of Rosarito for five years and have lived here full time for the past three. We love it here and have no plans to ever move back to the US.


Thank you, I was able to talk to the office clerk and got another email address for my request, they committed to send the HOA CC&R's 3 days ago, still waiting.

If you haven't done so already, noe is the time to read the book 'On Mexican Time'!

Oh yes, nothing in Mexico operates in the times  you are familiar with. email is particularly bad. I don't expect to get responses at all, then I can be pleased if I do in a week or two. Packages can be fairly quick, or take months. That's Mexico. Many have computers and cell phones, but that doesn't mean they use them to communicate with you. Lot's of social media and games out there you know.

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