working in sweden

Hello I am a Tunisian who plans to move to Sweden, but really not with a real professional experience (only a License in law and a good command of English) then I would like to know is what we recruit in Sweden a workforce Unskilled foreign (warehousekeeper, cashier, farm worker ....)

Contact law firms. You may be able to clerk while learning the language. It is very difficult to find a job without a good grasp of the language. If you want to start preparing you can go to, or Swedish for invadare (SFI) starta pupil out in You can also apply to work as a substitute teacher by going to the community website under utbildning "education" and sign up. If your mother tongue is one highly in demand of interpretation this is a great opportunity to work and learn. You can even start your own business, with grants and loans, if you have an idea. Number 1 advise: learn the language.

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