Villages near Sevlievo and Popovo

We are looking to buy a village house in one of the villages in the above areas. So far I have seen houses I liked in Kramolin and Agatovo near Sevlievo; and in Marchino, Lyublin, Sadina and Slavyanovo near Popovo.
Does anyone have any experience of these villages?
We want somewhere with lovely scenery and views, with maybe a few expats there already. A school in the village would be a great bonus as would a half decent bus service to a town.
I have been to view houses in Kramolin and Agatovo and loved both of the houses, but couldnt get a feel for the villages as I was on a viewing trip with not a great deal of time and it was a miserable rainy day with no-one about. So any advice, especially on those villages would be appreciated.
The other areas around Popovo, I will be visiting next week, but opinions would be welcomed.
Or if you have any other ideas of an area with great scenery, good for families, good bus service and low cost houses ( not much to ask, lol) please let me know.

Thanks in advance

I am not sure of those villages, but I would personally go south of sevlievo towards Gabrovo... there is constant bus transportation between sevlievo and gabrovo, which gives pretty good transportation to the villages between them. Most of the villages along that route also have school bus transportation for the kids (where the teacher rides on the bus to pick up the kids in the morning and drop them off after school). The larger villages directly on the main road between Sevlievo and Gabrovo also have kindergartens in the villages. (Most of them).

Another area to check out would be Gostilitsa, more between sevlievo and veliko turnovo, as it tends to be an expat hotspot and have lots of properties (renovated and not) for sale.

Thanks for that Kojidae. Would you say in general sevlievo is an ok area?
Its interesting to know about the school bus - I knew there were buses, but I didnt know the teacher was on the bus to collect the children! That makes a big difference as I was concerned about getting my son to school everyday.
I will certainly have a look at Gostilitsa too. Thanks again :)

I am a bit partial, because I live in Gabrovo ;) I don't know much about sevlievo, but from what I have heard it is okay- has all of the necessities. Nice nature nearby (A lot of waterfalls).

Slavyanovo is a nice village with school, railway station giving access to the whole country, and good expat community. Sadina has better views, and seems to be a good village too, but I know less about it...

Palamartsa village in that area is very nice also with a very nice community of both Bulgarians and expats from many different countries. If your interested contact Melanie Evans she has a Facebook page Living the dream Bulgaria.

Also has a school bus to popovo school every day.

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