Moving to Kerala - Job? - Visa?

I have been in kerala two times for 9months and I have found friends and my love. So my partner and me wanna getting together soon, thats why I need to find a job in there. But isnt that easy to get an employment visa for india (because of 25.000$ annum). So if I come by tourist visa again I cant go for work but I need to earn at least some money.

If its possible to get a tourist visa for one year? I have heard about. Otherwise I have to move out each 6months to get a new tourist visa. Incredible india hehee.
Hope anyone know about this stuff and can provide help.


Hi Steph,

I suggest you read the Living in India guide so that you might gather as much information as possible.

Did you consider other states ?

All the best,

thanks for reply but I need to find a job in Kerala not somewhere else. My profession logistics cant find big international companys..maybe get employed by NGO ? But there re also cheaters..

Kerala isn't famous for highly paid jobs for expats at all. Maybe if you try in other cities and if you have some rare skills, then you have some chance. If you are holding US passport then I heard there are some long term tourist visas. Otherwise only up to 6months. Maybe AIESEC is an option, but you need to be a student, age limit is also there. Otherwise only option to stay long term is  through marriage with Indian.

well you can apply for a work visa . i think kerala is not much developed to offer many jobs . you can find a good job in metro cities like delhi , mumbai , kolkata , banglore etc .

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