transporting dog from Toronto to Warsaw help needed

Hi! I am looking for someone who is flying to Poland at the begining of April and who would like to help me with transporting my dog from Toronto to Warsaw.
I moved to Poland. My dog is at my friend's place in Toronto, and because I cannot fly back and take it with me (work purpose), I am looking for someone who is flying directly from Toronto to Warsaw, who wouldn't mind take my dog with (I'll provide all documentation: vaccination, federal vet document, pay for dog's ticket etc.). Summer is super lovely and friendly dog. She will be flying in the cage (because she is mid sized dog and she cannot be on-board). In general it's cheaper and faster if she flies not as a cargo but with someone as a pet (she's already been flying with me).
If you can help me I would be thankful.

Please, msg me, if you are able to give me a hand in this matter.


OMG !! I feel you...wish I could be of help. Best of luck !

hi i am intrested do some busniees expoprt import ?thanks

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