Egyptian marriage fraud

My name Sandi. I was a victim of this marriage fraud. His name was Mxxxxxn. He vowed his undying love to me and my family and friends. He got me to move to Alexandria Egypt. We had a ceremony and I thought we were married. I then spent thousands of dollars for our marriage home that was just walls. Plus appliances, electronics, clothes and jewelry. I was then contacted while in America and told he was not married and no one had ever seen him wear a ring. He completely vanished me from his Facebook account and I found many little girls he was adding. I confronted him and he denied everything. But I actually reached out and spoke to people. I found that I was not married. It was fake. I'm out thousands. I left my career and sold my house to go to Egypt to my fake husband. I made sure that I documented and screenshot and used a card to track money spent. I have reported him to every agency possible.


I made a Facebook page to try and prevent others from going through this.

I do have a friend in Egypt and he told me the area we lived in was known for this because it is very poor. I know that it's not all Egyptians. He was just a con. I wanted to be in love and I fell for it. Doesn't make it right.

Now I am in America and half of my personal belongings are in Egypt. Probably being used by someone else.

He was denied a Visa three times. Now his passport and name are flagged.

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WTF. Sorry for what happened to you

Thank you. I wish to never see anyone else go through this.

You are very kind person i feel terrible from what he did for you, money come and go but the important thing that you are fine and learned the lesson.

Thank you

you are welcome can you give me more information about that one who fraud you , may i know some acts can deal with such that person,details like his full name , any copy of any document you have about that person,we should not leave him pass with what he did. are you make a police Egyptian report about what happened to you and what acts you did towards that person.i mean the legal actions, are you talk to any lawyer about that or not.

I reported it to the embassy and consulate there. Customs the FBI, USCIS, ICE, cyber crimes and every agency possible. he is on the watch list. His passport is void and he won't get a visa to anywhere.

and inside Egypt  are you take any legal action against him, all what you said  will  make him not able to take any visa to anywhere but you still didn't get your cash from him , you have to make a report to the Egyptian police and give them a copy from all the documents you have against him.

I  did not do that. How would I go about that?

you can do that by going to the police station and tell them everything and give them a copy of your documents or your Egyptian lawyer can do that instead of you.

I'm in America now. Scared to return to Egypt.

Really I'm so sad about what happened to you, be sure God will not Let him to enjoy by your  money or anything from you. Because he betrayed you.. What Goes around comes around..
Sorry again.. I have American friends here i Egypt.. And really never had this situation before.. They like Egyptian people.. Just you fall in wrong person.. Not Linked to Egyptian at all.. You have to take your Right and get back your money.. U have to ask Lawyer about that..

i feel sad to what happened to you but here in Egypt the situation is safe and no one can hurt you  , the thing is that you involved with the wrong person, i got in partnership with American person before and he fooled me and until now i couldn't  got my money from him, it is not about the nationality or the country, if you have a documents powering your situation and your position so don't hesitate or be afraid and take  real action against him, because if you left him he will do it again and again.

Wooow. Do u have anything to prove this

what you mean, prove what..what you need to know

I love Egypt as well. Just met the wrong person

I have no where to go in Egypt now. But my 11 websites 3 pages and a group found its way to Washington DC. I turned him in everywhere. I don't know how reach his local authorities. I contacted the embassy and consulate there too.

I have everything. I have the fake marriage papers. Receipts. Statements from his own family. Three times he was denied a Visa. I have everything and then some.

the only way to reach his local authority by make a police report against him by yourself or by your Egyptian lawyer the one who represent you in front of Egyptian authority and  choose your lawyer carefully .are you know any recent information about your ex.

Hi, How did you meet this person by FB? Can you have some local forum members seek out his family? What made you decide to give up everything and invest in Alex? Could you sell your property and recoup some of your money? Also, is your status stoll married or are you divorced? How long ago did this happen? Love is definitely a scary thing, I know because I've been through a lot myself?  What's your ethicity by the way, if you don't mind me asking?

i am sorry to hear about what happened to you , but there are some points

you mentioned about marriage ceremony .... but did you have an official marriage certificate ???????? 
you can ask the US embassy to hire a lawyer for you in egypt , even while you are in US .... but , for a case in court , you will need to provide them the proofs ; like the marriage certifcates , and proof of money transfer

Scared to return to Egypt.. girl.. I would take the first ticket to go over there and find the creep.. I would go psycho and hunt him till I find him.. and make his life hell

Why do you men do this? Why do you destroy women lives? For money? Allah will judge you and every tear shed by those foreign women victims of your fraud will burn on your rotting body when you die.. don't think you gonna escape God judgement.. it's not right at all and there's no excuse for what you men do..

Girl.. I'm married to an Egyptian too.. and I also work like a mule to supposedly financially contribute to our dream apartment in Alexandria.. I live in a bad apartment with him and wear old ragged clothes.. he says our sacrifice will pay off.. I sure hope it's not a fraud.. cause I'm tired.. and work so hard.. it would be so unfair

PQ I have to say it's not just the Egyptian men. I have also heard of Egyptian women, in particular from poor areas who do it too.

Trust me I have heard some really deep, emotional soul destroying stories. It's high level narcissistic behaviour where these people just don't give a ......!

It's the sad truth that we foreigners are looked at like 'parachutes' to them. We are simply a means to an end, a way out of their country to a make a better life for themselves and their families - **by any means necessary!**

This kind of mindset and behaviour held just helps to foster more and more distrust from Egyptians to foreign nationals. It embeds a cautiousness and a fear about even remotely getting involved with an Egyptian, especially on a relationship level, because time and time again a very high percentage of foreigners, majority women do get screwed over to this extent and worse. Leaving hearts broken and the woman an emotional wreck. But God is not sleeping and women are Gods most precious creation who man has been tasked to lead, protect and care for. So there will be the wrath of God to face for any man doing like this. May not be immediate, the consequence may not even be to him directly but to a member of his family or loved one, but you can believe one thing as a surety, it will be put right by God's charge whether in this life or the next! God is close to the broken-hearted, poor and needy and will fight for them when they're oppressors are mightier than they are.

It's really not a good look for Egypt and gives many hardworking, honest, upright Egyptians a very bad reputation. It happens so frequently, that it has become known by many foreign national as being a part of the Egyptian culture. Immediate thoughts of an Egyptian man wanting to get to know you ****BIG FLASHING ALERT SIGN:   BEWARE!!!!!!  DANGER!!!!!   **** going off in your mind.

All it's achieved is helped to solidify the stereotype that Egyptian men are *mitch manhoe F***boy goldiggers*, in politer terms Egyptian men who will do whatever and go to whatever lengths with a foreigner to obtain money, better status and sex OFTEN WITH AN EGYTPIAN WIFE ACCOMPLICE pimping her husband out for sad and all it's doing is wrecking innocent people's lives! :(

Yes i'm married to Egyptian as well  and i'm American he come here an within 2 years he being here he was in a hurry to get married. i had only known him maybe 6 months and he was hurry to get married then claim he loved me, but took him 2 years tell me he didn't love me first 2 years. He has 2 sons over there but just wondering if he really divorced his wife there , but something tells me he still married to her over there but no one want be honest with me and tell me the truth , He is now on his way to U.S. Citizenship he can get in 3 years . SO you not alone if anyone has idea how i can find the truth please tell me .

I m wondering the same. How we report this guys who uses foreign women  for visa, money, sex gain? And they abuses our feelings and they do it over and over but there is no punishment. How we explode them so they cannot do it again? Or how we report them embassies even they manage to a foreigner for visa gain they will never get the visa?

Where we report them? How can we explode them and their dirty tricks? Is there any legal site..


I have also heard of Egyptian women, in particular from poor areas who do it too.


yes many are , hahaha .

Not only limited to Egyptians! But also you may find it everywhere over the globe, where poor ones live!

I'm sorry to hear that, You will have to care more and ignore that bad guy better than getting revenge

Pls don’t leave your life and go to him. Stayed in egypt and all I heard the same story at the end.. my friend was with a guy 3 yrs after he finished her money he started to saying her she is a burden on his shoulders and started to hit her. They are not good men tone fall in love. They teach Egyptian men from the childhood he needs to marry a Virgin Muslim girl. No matter how educated he is that is always in their gene. Sorry but at the end it is going to be same result for you..

what kind of investigation you expect from this site ???????
who can give you information about unknown person ???
simply if you are in doubt , dont marry with him.

and if he is not rich , then he will not be able to provide you the suitable life style for you .......... then either , to forget about marriage with him , or you marry in your country ...

if you consider marriage in your country , try to give yourself enough time to know more about him .

and as an advice , dont give him any cent....... and inform him that earning money in europe or US is not easy ... and that people dont make money because they just live in europe or the states .

also , dont jump into sexual affair with him ........

so , if you plan to continue with him , you have to keep 2 things : your money  and Your dignity or your body

dont forget that there are good people and bad people .......... so dont jump into fast conclusions or fast affair....  gather more information about him ... just what he say to you .... and make your analysis.


Dont marry Orfi ........ it is not legal marriage ..... not registered ......  ( That is if you plan to marry with him)

also , I advise you to know about culture in egypt ...... you will read a lot of fake unreal articles online ... but try to know the real cultural differences.........  I know it may be hard , but just try to get some information.

i hope that i didn't disappoint you , but i wrote you honestly.

you are welcome :)
but take your time in analysis .
collect information from him ... all information needed to predict stability and success of marriage ; like his job , his income , his house , where he live ......... any kind if information that may come to yur mind , and you see it important , then try to know it ........... and know the data , before even considering visit to egypt to meet him.

Makes you think twice, i am so afraid of commitment because of the negative comments on here.

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