USA, Flight Attendant Moving to Paris Area.

Hello Ex Pats,
I Hope to Be Joining You, soon. I Plan to Live In France for possibly One Year maybe more. I am a Middle Aged Female from the United States. I do not have Children. I Am  Moving to the Paris area this Spring, June 2017. I will Continue to Work in the US. So I Will not need a Job in France. I have a desire to meet Christian Friends, Learn French, Explore. I Enjoy Music, Art, Cooking, Gardening, The Sea, French Wine, World Travel. Any Helpful Advice regarding where to Live, near Paris would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Hello did you find all the information you were looking for? I plan on making the same move.

Hello   i live in France and try to find some people in different country to talk in english i jope to heard from you soon 😊

Hi, I'm French, live in Provence. I'm fluent in English, would love to chat.

Hi there, I just read your post and hope you have settled somewhere in France! I was surprised by the "Christian" friends request.....  are they the only group worthy of your trust? just curious.

How is your time in France going, Octbaby?

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