Challenges of seeking employment in USA


I'm a graphic designer, graduated from the UK with a 2nd class BA(hons) degree in Communication Design. I have 4 years of working experience in a creative agency as a project & design executive. I'm currently freelancing in my home country, Malaysia.

My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and we are working towards closing the distance. He will be finishing his service this year and he would like to study in his hometown, around San Diego. I support him fully but we are quite worried about the distance (as it is highly likely that he will spend the next 10years in California).

I would like to reside in California (temporarily, say 5 years or so) and work there but I feel like the chances are slim, and it makes our situation seem bleak. I understand that I would have a better chance in seeking employment in my profession if I ; a) study in America  b) get married. Unfortunately, I do not have the money to get another degree in America, nor do I want to get married for the wrong reasons.

I would greatly appreciate it if there are any tips, pointers or experiences that anyone would like to share that might help me in this journey.

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