Fabulous Housekeeper available from August 1st- 2017

I am writing as our time in Sri Lanka is coming to a close after two years and I am hoping to help our housekeeper find new employment.

Much of the reason our stay in Sri Lanka has been so divine and enjoyable has been due to our wonderful housekeeper Noleen. I cannot say enough about Noleen. She has been the engine that kept our family going.

Noleen is a wonderful housekeeper and that is saying a lot as we are a very messy family of four. She needed very little direction and caught on to the routine of our house very very quickly. Very soon after she came to work for us I just gave up the running of the house to her.

Noleen is a great Sri Lankan cook and also has a good repertoire of western food. Noleen makes amazing lasagne and fish pie, fabulous pasta dishes, chicken wraps and fried rice and noodles. Her chips are so good they will make you weep Her curries are lovely and all our visitors have been very impressed with her meals.

Noleen is also wonderful with children and animals. We have left both in her sole care (children up to two nights, animals up to month) and have returned to find everyone very happy and healthy and really not having missed my husband and I at all.

Noleen is very very trustworthy. As mentioned we have left her to run the house for up to a month while we have been away. There has never ever been an issue on our return and generally we return to a house that has been thoroughly organised and spring cleaned. It has meant we have always had stess and worry free travels - in regards to not having to worry about home anyway.

Finally, Noleen has a good command of English and speaks both Singhala and Tamil. She has negotiated for us with drivers and numerous tradesman and utility workers. She is a very very capable woman.

Noleen will be looking for alternative employment after we leave. She is available from the 1st of August. She is happy to work in either the Kandy  or Colombo area. She has been living with us In Kandy but this is not strictly necessary in future employment (except in the case of working in Colombo).

Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

Many thanks.


Hello Nikki

I'm not sure it could interest her but we never know...
We are a french family  with 2 kids (5 and 7 yo) living in Sri Lanka since 5 years
and we are very much looking forward to find someone to replace the lady that was
working for us and who could, from the description you gave, be the twin sister of yours :)

But as there is a but, we are settled down in Galle near Karapitiya hospital,
so it's not Kandy or Colombo.

Could you ask her if there is any chance that she extends her area to Galle?
I would also appreciate if you could tell me about her expected wages/package.

Looking forward to your reply.
Best regards,


Hi Alex- Can you please send me an email to xxx and then I can email you all the details.Thanks.  Best- Nikki

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Hi Nikki

Thank you for your answer, I just send you an email.
So if you want to delete your address from this thread to avoid spamming, it's all good.
Best regards,


Hi will Negombo be of interest? Please let me know her expectations by private message. Thank you.

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Hi I am interested. Would it be possible for me to get her details please?

I am Dr Nalinika Obeyesekere owner of Pet Vet Clinic.  My parents prof Gannanath and Ranjini Obeyesekere from princeton University, now retired in Kandy are seriously in need of a good maid.  Would appreciate it if you could contact me.

Dear Niki
My husband and I are presently living in Kandy and are looking for a good housekeeper.  This person seems to meet our requirements. Please let me know how I can contact you and get more information

Thank you Sincerely
Ranjini Obeyesekere

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