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Hello, I will be moving to Beijing in February 2018 for 3 years. I will be with my wife and daughter who will be 14 months at that point. We are planning on staying in the Shunyi district and I will commute to work. Can someone help with answering the following questions for me

1. Is the internet speed capable of streaming internet tv shows using a VPN?
2. Can children go to kindergarden at 18 months old for one day a week? If so can anyone recommend a good English speaking one and advise the price?
3. Roughly how much is a Ayi, and what is the best way to get one for a decent price. This is to help my wife with cleaning and as a nanny.

Hope some of you can answer these question. I love Beijing and looking forward to the move.



Hi! This is Leila from Shanghai. I hope your settling down in Beijing had been an ease. If you still need assistance especially for your 2nd query, I'll be happy to connect you to an English Native speaker residing there.

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