Life help needed....

I have a dilemma....It Looks like my German girlfriend will be moving to Hanniversary which looks wonderful city,especially like the sound of a city built for cycling.
I have to make a decision. I have been working as a Graphic Designer and living in London for the past 10 years, I own a flat and have a great group of friends here. My German is terrible but more than willing to try and learn, I guess i am just worried if I could continue working in the creative sector if I'm grappling with a language. I see Hannover is great for Arts and Culture too. I guess I'm saying I would love to give it a go moving over just don't know if I could survive and would be giving up a lot.

Sorry my fingers are too fat for my phone. I mean Hannover!

He Rik,

Welcome to :)

I moved to Austria from the UK 8 years ago to live with my misses. My German is still terrible but still learning. Life is too short so why not make the move. If it doesn't work out its only a few hours flight back?

I love Austria straight away, and in the first year I sold my house back in Wales and bought a house here. The way the UK is now, I am glad I did move.

Haha, I make you right there. 
Sure I'll suck it and see once I have
Confirmed she who has to be obeyed actually wants me to go....

Ricky8 :

once I have Confirmed she who has to be obeyed actually wants me to go....

That was my first thought:
In most cases, when a woman tells her man that she is moving, it means she's moving away.
If that isn't the case, Hannover is not bad and you can survive and find friends even without much German language (but of course you should learn it!).

This sounds like a pretty personal decision so not sure what you are expecting to hear? Since you own your own flat then you could rent it out rather than sell, under the condition that you can get back into it if you eventually need to return. It might be a wonderful learning experience, or not, but why not give it a shot? Your friends will probably still be there in a year or two. Also, something like graphic design sounds like it would be less of a disadvantage language-wise as many other fields.  Anyway, post-Brexit might be even more complicated to consider such a move so maybe take the opportunity now.

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