English girl in Milano

Hi everyone!

I've just graduated and decided to move to Milan to be an au pair for a year. I'll be moving over at the start of October. As I won't be studying at university I was really hoping that I could meet some people throught this forum? I'd also really appreciate any tips about language classes as my Italian is very basic at the moment?

Hope you can help


(Ps. My email is *** feel free to contact me, thanks :))

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Hello Rachel & welcome to Expat.com!

For the language classes, I may suggest you to post an advert in Milan classifieds.


Hi Harmonie!

Thanks, I'll defnitely look into that! :)

my name is Patrizia.
Im Italian but have lived abroad, so I understand what it feels like moving in a new place.(sometimes its terrible!).
Anyway I can give you my tel.number in case you want to became my friend.
take care,

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Hi All,

My name is Ross and I'm from Scotland, I am starting to look into the possibility of a move to Italy and the Milano area and am starting to put feelers out there for Jobs. 

Has anyone got any advice on the working situation for me.  I have mainly had office and Project Management Roles in the past few years but can put my hand to almost anything.

I have just started learning Italian and hope to improve very quickly.  I have friends helping me.

Any tips or advice would be most welcome.

I can be contacted at JamboCaz[at]live.co.uk



As much as I regret offering help to a Jambo.....(joking), pm me if you want some info. Not many of us Scots over here. Project management in which sector? On a side note, cost of living here is high but wages are low.

Hi Alice, how are you?
Enjoyng Milan so far?
I am Samy, I moved here last year from UK, not the greatest choice of my life but ok.Surviving I guess.
Where are you from?

I'm a french guy working in Milan, I would like too meet english speaker here in Milan (because I still not speak italian yet ^^),  If you go for a drink or something, I'm very interested :)

If is not a problem for you to ear english with a very strong french accent :)

Hi Tina
I m looking for new friend if you interst
I m SINAN in Milan and nice to meet you
I take English only
So waiting you replay

hi alice, i'm justin - scottish guy living in Milan for six months now. i have made a few friends - english, italian and the rest - but am always happy to meet more.
If you want to hook up with me/us in the pub or whatever give us a shout. my address is jdafp[at]yahoo.co.uk


Hi also moved to the Milano area, looking for english speaking friends!

Ciao Alice... I moved to Milan in March.  I live in a small town on the outskirts of the center but go into the center often.  I find it hard to meet any english people here! My Italian isn't very good yet.

Are you still living in Milano?

Hii I m in Milan ,
And looking for the new friend
If you are interest can have a company with the international friend

See you


Hello moeck252 -> Please lower your caps lock when writing so as to ease the reading! ;)

Thank you,

Hi guys,

We are many and want to meet. So let's choose a date and meet up somewhere.

I'd love to meet you English guys!

On Thursday is bank holiday, anyone want to go out?

Jut arrange the place and we will be there
Or send your member to make it
My no .
Waiting u


Not sure about Thursday yet but I'm going to Bobino on Wednesday evening. Navigli's area.

If anyone comes around just let me know (after 19).

My phone num is 335 7512442

See you!

Dear Alice,

My name is Goran i am from Dubai so i would like to see you in milan if possible like a friend  , and i have visit to there in 5-01-2017 ,

Thank you for your quick reply ,

Kind regards


This topic has been inactive nearly 4 years!!  :dumbom: I don't think you'll be meeting Alice or getting any response.

Expat.com Experts Team

I am student of  university of milan doing Masters in EFE.

hi U can find on fb my **

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Meet u

Hello my name is  louis,nice to meet you

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