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Hello one and all,

I have seen that there is no active group online or on here for soccer (football) so I would like to create one. There are lots of pitches around here so the venue will be easy to organise. Please PM me and I'll create a whatsapp group and we can build a consistent group between us.

If you are keen to play football please PM

If you have a group for football add me on whatsapp pls ***

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Me too please i love football but no clubs around

Hi Adam
Do you know any football academy who trains football for kids?
Please let me know.


Were you able to set something up? Just moving to Khobar from Abu Dhabi and would love to get some drop in football in during the week. We set something similar up on meetup.

Do let me know if there is something going or if not how we could get it started as well.


Farhan A

Well mate, We already have a team and we regularly play 3 times a week in daharan. If you guys wanna join up and be part of our team. Just pm me.Cheers...

P.S. Player should be above 25 years old and should speak atleast moderate English.

i fit that description, looking for a decent set of mature team players. Are y'all still playing?

Yea we are still playing every saturday, monday and wednesday from 8:30 pm to 10:30pm.

Awesome, where exactly? Any more details please

Just pm mate.

sent you a msg brother

If I can join please add me 0539088865 whtsapp.....

Hey bookworm83, if you guys are still playing, can I join?

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