Foreigner Married to Indian

Hi guys,

I am new here. I need some info regarding marriage in India like what is needed to be done, what to deal with FRRO/Immigration, what type of marriage is advised (court/religious). Unfortunately, I am granted only 2 months visa and it really worries me. Is it possible to get it extended?

Please read online first. Most information is already there. Court vs. religious marriage - it depends on your home country. My country does not recognize Indian religious marriage, only civil marriage, but we cannot say about your country.
In short you need to register your marriage at Marriage Registrar/Sub-Registrar Office. You did not specify also in which state/city in India you plan to get married. Rules may slightly vary depends on state.
You can apply for visa conversion from tourist to X-Entry visa once you obtain marriage certificate. But considering your limited time it will be hectic, but of course possible, if you do your research properly.

Religious marriage is sacrosanct for social acceptance in India
this can wait proper arrangements

ASAP do your civil marriage procedure ( called in local parlance " registree " )
this registered marriage gives you after 2 years right to hassle free OCI status
Overseas Citizen of India

No more VISAs required after that and no need to renew it till 50 years old
( on account of facial features changes , you face no more matching photo )

well once you get married you dont have to worry about visa here

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