Moving to São Paulo, advice needed!

Hi guys,

As per my previous posts on the forums I am planning to move to São Paulo (previous posts has a great response with some brilliant advice & help)

My plan was to move there January-February 2018 but due to a change of circumstances it's going to be within the next 3 months now.

I'm just wondering where to start on looking for work, I'm preferably looking to teach English although I have no experience what so ever in teaching English. I'm fluent in Portuguese.

I'll be moving there with my Brazilian wife and son.

Where is the best areas to live?

I'll be looking to rent and apartment, ruff prices?

Any advice would be very useful and much appreciated.


Definitely the best place is the big city São Paulo - São Paulo, I've been living here all my life and I know is the place for opportunities. The cheaper region to live in the city is the East region, also has lots of English school that you can work, it's a little bit far from the center and the subway is very crowded in rush hours, also is not the safer region, so in East zone I recommend the neighborhoods Mooca, Belem or Tatuape, these are at least a little closer from the center. The richer region are the center and the South zone, they are a little safer and prettier too, so you can live there if you saved much money, because they are much more expensive, the neighborhood Vila Madalena, Bela Vista and Jardins are for prople with much money. North and West zone has good neighborhood too, you may consider how much you intend to pay and how far from the center you can live, I'll send something that you can keep until you be here: the subway map. It will help you like, forever! And you can see if you are close to the center or jot. Remember: the closer from the center you are, the more expensive are the prices! Now, consider the Luz station the center, the heart from São Paulo city, and think where you may live:

Subway map: … m-2017.jpg

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