Opening a Labuan International Company

Can anyone give me any kind of advice about opening a Labuan International Company (LIC) in KL?
I already searched on internet and I've found information about. I also contacted a few companies who offers that services, but I would really appreciate if somebody did it before or know any reputable secretarial company who offers that kind of services.

Any information would be much appreciated. By the way, I recently moved to KL. Hi to all the expats and locals in this forums  :cheers:

no replies yet?  I am also looking for some info on Labuan LIC

simplyoffshore -

Hi, I'm new here so please advise if I should start a new thread. But I thought I would post here as it's the same topic. 😃

Anyways, i'm also interested in a LIC company. I've read through all the various guides available on the Internet but they seem to be providing different information. What I most need to know:

1) is there a need for the company director to live in Labuan (I am planning to live in iskandar, Johor as my son will be enrolled in the international school there)

2) does the company need to have a physical office space in Labuan or is it possible to use some kind of virtual office which is based in Labuan as the registered office address.

To give a  better idea of my background. I have  a registered company in Singapore. I would like to open a company in Malaysia to print /create products for my business that I would sell in Singapore and online to international customers. (even better if possible to sell in Malaysia as well but not essential at this moment). I would like to rent an industrial space in Iskandar,  johor and employ at least 1 Malaysian staff to print/create the products.

Also, a question that  I have for a different topic would be that as I'm a Singaporean who will be returning back to Singaporean a few times a week, would I need to get an employment pass for myself?  I do not intend to actually work at the Malaysian office day-to-day but would need to check in with the staff, handle training of machinery, have meeting with staff, collect products from staff to bring back to Singapore,  etc etc at the Malaysian office premises.

The rules change fast these days. You don't have to live in Labuan but to live in Iskandar you would need some sort of immigration pass. This could be a Directors Professional Pass in your situation or the other choice might be to apply for a Guardian Pass based on your son's enrolment in a Malaysian International school? The latter would allow you to live in Johor but your source of income would be from Singapore. Opening a manufacturing company is a different part of the spectrum and I earlier gave a link to Simplyoffshore which is a legal firm that is trustworthy  Labun companies are not designed for local market interaction and sales in MYR. In the case you put forward there would be a need to export goods so whether a Labuan company can support this activity is a good question, because I think it may require a licence which could you outside the scope of LIC as it is not a marketing office - rather a production centre. I can only recommend you enquire with the KLCC team

Hi! Thanks for your advice and the recommendation. I have contacted the company you suggested and they have provided me with good advice.😃

You don't have to live in Labuan. However if you want to get  a visa through the Labuan company then there are stricter requirements, and you need to rent a house in Labuan, even you don't actually live there.

I've never heard about having to rent a house on Labuan, but definitely have to rent office space and have a dedicated phone line..... Expenses begin to mount up.......

I am foreigner as well , living in Johor .planning to setup online business selling overseas specially middle east "Arabic speaking countries"and Africa .its good if we keep updating each other ..

Answering your questions

As fas as i know ..You do not need physical presence in Labuan .

Good Luck

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