Moving to Harrogate England, Meeting Other Couples

Hey guys,

So me and my husband will both be moving to Harrogate , England in May. My husband and me will be living there for 3 years for his work. I will be working on my Masters full time while I am there. Looking to meet other fellow expat couples in the area! We are in our twenties and from spanish decent ( Puerto Rican) speak both English and Spanish fluently :)

You'll so love living in Harrogate.
Hubby and I just enjoyed spending a 6 night stay whilst he worked on a project at his Company's HQ there.
Such history everywhere you look.  Stayed at the Hampton Inn compliments of his work (Redcentric) that was a fantastic central location for me to walk downtown to shop or grab a train into Leeds.  Very friendly residence.  The room and staff were fabulous at Hampton Inn.  Comfy Bed, large bathtub and spacious room.  Whilst the staff were extra helpful too.  Dining option was value for money for a delicious Hot Breakfast and a good Meal Deal option for Dinners.  However, we preferred to dine at the nearby Winter Garden Weatherspoon's Pub for our nightly midweek dinners.  Can't beat their weeknight meal deal for value and this establishment is amazing.   However, there's a smorgasbord of dining options in Harrogate. 
Friday we switched into vacation mode as hubby and I ended our visit with a 2 night getaway next door in The Majestic.  WOW it didn't disappoint.  We enjoyed a room with breakfast included.  This place is awesome!  Bedroom is amazing with real quality furniture and deco rather than the traditional hotel pics etc. 
Luxury bathroom with a heated mirror and Breakfast was delicious here too; enjoyed in the grand dining room with piped through music.  Their High Tea is way cheaper and better £ value here than up the road at Betty's Tea House .  Plus you can't compare the atmosphere between Betty's cafe and the Grand Majestic.
However, DYI:  just doors down from Betty's there's a clothing shop that has the best price for you High Tea.

Friday we spent checking out Hull (2017 City of Culture) and Leeds!  However, Harrogate was the nicest place.  Although, when in Hull make sure you plan to take in a visit and dine at their Aquarium & underwater Restaurant. … ent=safari

Friday night we enjoyed dining across the road at a Italian Restaurant prior to attending a Whitney Houston Performance within the grand Royal Hall next door to The Majestic & Premium Inn.  Saturday morning we paid a visit to the famous Harrogate Turkish Baths prior to lunch at Wagamam's which I always enjoy then into the car we went for our road trip back home to Reading, England.   Were we've lived 12 months Today.  2 years ago Today we moved into our Cardiff, Wales home; we arrived into UK from USA on Feb 1st, 2015.  We spent 2001 - 2014 living in USA.   Prior born and lived in Australia.  We are living in UK on a Ancestral Visa which gives us a indefinite stay.  However, now the UK  has chosen to leave EU; we will make plans to return to OZ sometime between 2018 - 2019?   Where are you currently living. 

Are you excited for this move?  Is this your 1st overseas venture?  We've become "Citizens of the World"!
All the best with your move.

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