How to get a job in Toronto ?

hi every body
am traveling to canada, toronto, as an immigrant. am married and have a daughter and sun 2.4 and 1.1!.
am an english teacher and this is what am good at.
i wish u could help me, like,
can i get a job? what could be the salary, even if i couldnt work as a teacher.
whats the cost of living there, the appartment, food, transportation, golf playing ! ( sorry, just kidding) .. etc
any help is highly appreciated

i moved to toronto about year ago from south asia.
core toronto is expensive specially if you are new.
apartments/condos/semi-detached/detached houses , in that order increase in prise.
most people live in the GTA - or the suburbs of mississauga, brampton, markam, new market. oakville and commute to core toronto.
you can use either the GO Bus/train - approximately $200 per monthly pass.
or can travel buy car. but traffic is quite frustrating during rush hour.
apartments - modest -run around $900 - $1200 in the GTA, but more expensive close to core of toronto - downtown or old toronto
compared to USA things are expensive in Canada, but you get used to it.
food/groceries would cost around $300 to $500 for a 4 member family per month -  but shopping at modest places like freshco, walmart, food basics, price chopper . but further from downtown you go, the car insuracne will increase in prise. average around $300 per month. i dont have idea about jobs in your field.

thaaaaaaaaaaaanks alot

Hi to get a job in related field, its difficult initially. you need to have teacher's license and ontario teacher certificate. but there are plenty of opportunity for other jobs if you are good at english. u can look up at call centres, customer service, data entry operators, jobs in banks all these jobs will be entry level jobs and u may get paid upto 1500 to 1800 $ salary monthly.
A good news is both of your children will get fund thru govt each 477 $. U can pay 700 to 800$ monthly for rent. for food u can pay 300 to 400$. for travelling expenses and others 300$. Its very cheap u can stay at Kennedy and eglinton or in Kennedy roaD , TORONTO WHICH IS CHEAPEST LOCATIONS FOR GROCERIES, RENTS FOR APTS, AND NEARBY TO SUBWAY, AND 30MINS TRAVEL TO DOWNTOWN THE MAJOR CITY.

thanks alot 4 these precious information

Hey Mary,

Thanks for the above infos..anyws me and my wife are moving nextweek to Toronto from India and will be residing at glenn erin drive as one of my family friend stays there.
We both are from the banking back ground ,can you advise how can we go abt the job hunt (if you have any contacts )and the rent if we want to have a small apartment say a studio apartment .

Do reply back .


Hi Ranchoo!

I would suggest you to create a new topic on the Toronto forum if you have specific questions. It will also increase your chances of obtaining responses.


My experience is that if u have int'l work experience in a professional field it is easier to get jobs.

On top of that, if u can get a canadian certificate, either 1yr post graduate diploma or certificate course in your field, it will really open up your chances. As employer will know that you are able to communicate well in Canadian environment.

secondly you will develop your network while at college, either thru your classmates or thru your instructor. I got my job thru my instructor, who was also the instructor of the ex-president of my employer in Toronto :)

All the best.

It is a tough labour market in Toronto currently.

It is more difficult to gain employment today, much more so than it was in the eighties.  But I also see the employment growth after the recession.  Companies are hiring, albeit conservatively.  If seeking employment, take the initiative.

My advice for those thinking about higher education and/or pursing toronto employment is as follows:

i) Choose academic pursuits carefully with future employment in mind. Look through the help wanted ads to help you define a smart choice.   

ii) Choose to get a degree over a diploma if possible.  Those who have degrees from respectable institution will have the advantage over those with diplomas. 

iii) Send out hundreds of resumes (thousands if possible).  Go to a job posting site like ,,, and send to all companies hiring within your discipline area.  (Send, even if they are not hiring for your exact position.)  Try varying search engine strings to uncover hidden jobs.  Consider this, greater than 30,000 jobs are being advertised in Toronto currently.

You can control your own fate.  If you have no marketable skills…get some by going back to school.  If you have marketable skills, but no job, then pepper the industry with your resume. Your future resides in your own hands. Take control.

Hi friends,

  I am Vithal from India, having good exposure in the field of Accounts/Finance functions. Presently working as Account Manager in one of the private ltd in India.

  I would like to get job in Canada and settle in Canada. Can anybody could tell me what is the procedure and if you have any contacts or consultancy by which i could get the job it would be great... Can any body suggest me what is the procedure to get job in Canada..I have around 8 experience in my field.

  Looking forward for your reply. You can reach me at vithal.2008[at]


Hi every body,
I am traveling to canada,toronto in next months.I am from Greece, however i am also a Canadian citizen (certificate of Canadian citizenship).
I would like to ask for some information concerning Jobs in the Toronto area.
I have a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Master degree in Business Economics ,Finance and Banking.I am  a proficient user of English Language(I think), i know Basic french and i have a strong knowledge of microsoft Office suite and many statistical packages such as (Eviews, SPSS and other). I am 28 years old.

I am looking for Finance, Banking and business jobs. Any Kind of these jobs. Is it easy to find a job with the qualifications that i already have??

Thanks in Advance,
Gregori … ple-steps/

Read that and follow those steps exactly.  That's all there is to it  :top:

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