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I am an American visiting my boyfriend in Dunedin since February 12, 2017. We would like to make my visit permanent, but I will need to return home in the next month or two to finish up at my job, clear out a storage unit and tie up things back home. He is a NZ born resident, owns his own home and is self employed. I would eventually like to find a job once I have met the requirements. I would love some answers to a few questions.

1.  Should we be completing forms 1018 and 1017 and when submitting do I need to include my original passport?

2.  Should we start the visa application process now or wait until I return after finishing up my business back home?

3.  We were told that I would have to be residing with him for six months before he could apply for sponsorship of my visa, does the six months have to be consecutive if I need to return home?

Hi Mahalosun,

I'm in the same situation as you too. Hope I can find answers here.


Hello, I've searched on the immigration website, and I found this :
-You must have been living together in a genuine and stable relationship with your partner for 12 months or more. ( … mily-visas)
I can't tell you if you need to be living together for 12 consecutive months, but I'd say yes.
You can apply for an open work visa that allows you to stay up to two years, you just need to live with your partner and he needs to support your application (and then you'll be able to justify the 12 months for the permanent residency). I give you the link where you can find more details : … mily-visas
I also give you the link where you can find all the documents you'll need to apply for this visa : … pplying=no
Or you can apply for a visitor visa first, and then see your options.

Thank you very much!!

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