Trying to buy sport shoes

Hi Everyone

I am new to the forum but not new in Kenya. I am looking to buy asics sport shoes.Can anyone tell me where to buy asics brands.I have been to vurious malls but cannot seem to find asics.


I can't recall having seen Asics shoes in Kenya.  You may have to import them, if you can't settle for another brand.

I can almost confidently say you won't find a single shop selling Asics in Nairobi. I get them from Europe. Get a buddy travelling from Europe or USA. Apparently, Amazon does not ship to Nairobi, and even if they did, KRA tax is waiting for you.

hey johny if i know anything in Kenya it lacks nothing so if your in need those shoes contact me i can help.

Ok sir MELVIN, wouldn't it be easier for John and the rest of the community if you just told us where to find them publicly? … erm=melvin
try the link those are pink ones for women am a marketer for jumia. which you know lacks nothing

hahaha, i saw your link. am not sure you really know what "asics" are, with all due respect. Please stop misleading @JohnyM. Lets close this conversation.

look at the site I have done the research .Jumia has several asics my brother the link is just to guide to the shoe department

ok, enjoy the shopping, the link he sent has some pink shoes, just like he mentioned, but they are not asics. may be my eyes are no good. by the way, folow this simple search and see if anything comes up; for me nothing.

It would help the asker if you pasted that link with asics. I would be one of your good customers if you had and more so genuine asics, haha.

Melvin.  Your link is for the Jumia Nigerian site.  So you would still have to import them. 

You say the Kenya 'lacks nothing', but am fairly sure that it lacks Asics shoes!

Mike:  You can import items bought on Amazon UK by having them delivered to a company such as Kesom.  They ship them out for a reasonable charge and seem to be able to bypass the often outrageous duty charges that most imported items attract.

@Longonot, You are very right.  I can bet anything no physical outlet stocks asics in nairobi, i have been to all the so called high end outlets. Like I said up there, i get them easily here in europe, so am pretty sorted for now, thanks for the info about that importing company, i might need it some time.
@ Melvin, please google asics and see what we mean. A pair of a asics goes for anything upto 200 euros, and rarely below 115 euros.

@JohnyM For sports shoes including Asics … gKPcvD_BwE I heavily doubt you will find these in Kenya the only solution is importation as suggested from the UK via reputable companies such as UK-DUKAS they will have the trainers for you in Kenya in 10-14 working days (they can deliver to your door or you collect them for a collection point in Westlands).

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